19 January 2024

Α Physicochemical and Kinetic Investigation by FORTH

Ternary Fe- or Mo-Au-Ni/GDC as Candidate Fuel Electrodes for the Internal Dry Reforming of CH4: Physicochemical and Kinetic Investigation



Written by Evangelia Ioannidou, Stylianos G. Neophytides and Dimitris Niakolas

In this study, the physicochemical characterization and catalytic/kinetic investigation of Fe, Au, Fe-Au, and Mo-Au modified Ni/GDC electrocatalysts was conducted, towards their performance for the Dry Reforming of CH4 (DRM), Reverse Water Gas Shift reaction, and CH4 decomposition reactions. The performance of these electrocatalysts as candidate fuel electrodes for DRM was evaluated under biogas fuel operation in the form of Electrolyte Supported (half) Cells (ESCs) at different ranges of temperature, inlet gas flows and CH4 and CO2 partial pressures. Overall, these electrodes could be applied as potential fuel electrodes for the SOFC internal DRM process. Furthermore, this investigation dealt with the sustainable conversion of CH4 and CO2, as greenhouse gases, towards syngas production by using Solid Oxide Fuel cells (SOFCs), utilizing them as a highly efficient and environmentally friendly electrochemical source of energy/power. It is also worth highlighting that the electrodes investigated in this work are also under evaluation from FORTH within 24/7 ZEN project.



Read more here:https://doi.org/10.3390/en17010184