02 June 2023

H2 Fueling the Education: The Only MSc Program in Greece on Hydrogen Technology provided by the University of Western Macedonia

The Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering of the University of Western Macedonia, Kozani – Greece, cooperatively provide the Master of Science (MSc) Program in “Hydrogen Science and Technology”.  It is worth noting that this is the only MSc program in the country which focuses specifically on the science and technology of hydrogen and aims at the education of expert scientists and executives who will enhance the development of the hydrogen economy in the region of Western Macedonia and Greece in general.


The main goals of the MSc program are as follows:
• to educate expert engineers and scientists who will support the development of science and technology for the production, storage, transport, and safe utilization of hydrogen fuel in the industry, in buildings and in transportation,
• to disseminate knowledge and execute research in the scientific fields targeting the development, the optimization and the operation of hydrogen operation units, systems and plants (production of grey, blue and green hydrogen, Power-to-Gas strategies, fuel cells, cogeneration and trigeneration systems, hydrogen vehicles etc.),
• to prepare expert engineers, entrepreneurs and company executives who will initiate and develop a new energy model and a novel energy market using hydrogen as an energy carrier in the new decarbonization era, and finally
• to provide a scientific and administrative potential which will support sustainability and will protect the natural environment and the cultural human values through the development of a viable hydrogen economy.

The MSc program takes place in three semesters. Each of the two first semesters complete in 13 weeks through teaching courses while the last semester requires the completion of an innovative MSc thesis.