10 July 2024

The 24/7 ZEN project at the European Fuel Cell Forum (EFCF) 2024 in Lucerne, Switzerland, on July 2-5

The 24/7 ZEN project was represented by its consortium members FORTH, Polito, SolydEra, and IREC at the European Fuel Cell Forum (EFCF) 2024 in Lucerne, Switzerland, on July 2-5. The partners had the opportunity to showcase their advancements in the frame of the project’s implementation, through interesting presentations, posters and discussions.

Dr. Federico Smeacetto, Professor of Materials Science and Technology at the Department of Applied Science and Technology (DISAT) of Politecnico di Torino, Italy, delivered an oral presentation titled “New Strategies and Innovative Manufacturing Technologies for High-Pressure Resistant Interfaces and Enhanced Reversible Solid Oxide Cell Systems,” highlighting key results developed by Politecnico di Torino and IREC.

Dr. Lucile Bernadet, researcher at IREC, presented her work on “Highly Performant Thin Film Functional Layers for Solid Oxide Cells,” while Dr. Marc Torrell, Senior Researcher at IREC and the coordinator of the 24/7 ZEN project, showcased a poster on “Advances of 24/7 ZEN in the Development of Reversible SOFC/SOEC Systems for Grid Balancing: From Materials to System.”

Additionally, Dr. Albert Tarancón, ICREA Professor and Head of Nanoionics and Fuel Cells at IREC, chaired the congress. Dr. Dimitrios K. Niakolas, Visiting Professor at the Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas, Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences, FORTH/ICE-HT, delivered one technical presentation titled: “Enhancement of the Intrinsic Ni/GDC Activity Under rSOC Operation by Means of Fe-Au Doping: An Electro-Kinetic Study” as well as two posters on “ Enhanced rSOC operation of Ni/GDC by means of Fe-Au doping: Electrochemical investigation for the optimum Fe-Au content” conducted by Ms. Souvalioti Athina, and the second one on “ Effect Of Fe-Au Modification On The Electrocatalytic Activity Of Ni/GDC Fuel Electrode For The Internal CO2 Reforming of CH4 In SOFCs”.

The 24/7 ZEN project aims to design and develop a high-performance 33/100 kW scale reversible solid oxide cell (rSOC) power balancing plant, with the primary objective of demonstrating its compatibility with both electricity and gas grids

We warmly thank and appreciate all the participants and presenters from the 24/7 ZEN project who attended the European Fuel Cell Forum 2024, which included valuable results and insights from the academic and industrial perspective. Your engagement and contributions are significant to the success and advancement of the 24/7 ZEN project. Thank you for your continued support and collaboration.