04 March 2024

The 24/7 ZEN Project was presented at The HySET project – Hydrogen Systems and Enabling Technologies

The coordinator of the 24/7 ZEN project, Dr Marc Torrell (IREC), presented 24/7 ZEN at The HySET – Hydrogen Systems and Enabling Technologies project, which is coordinated by Politecnico di Torino (Italy), and the first Master’s Degree course entirely dedicated to the hydrogen supply chain.
The recent presentation of the 24/7 ZEN project at HySET, not only highlighted the project’s goals but also signified a step towards cooperation in the field of hydrogen systems and enabling technologies.
At its core, the 24/7 ZEN Project seeks to offer a transformative solution designed to integrate both electricity and gas grids. What makes this project unique is its technological innovation and its commitment to fostering collaboration. By bringing together diverse perspectives, the project takes an integrated approach to address the challenges within the energy sector.
The 24/7 ZEN Project promises to remain at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions. Stay tuned for updates as this initiative project continues to shape a brighter and more sustainable future.